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Product NO. Reference
SEA753Mu Baicalein Reduces Airway Injury in Allergen and IL-13 Induced Airway Inflammation
SEB975Hu Clinical significance of serum tenascin-C levels in breast cancer
SEA050Ra Physical activity attenuates intermittent hypoxia-induced spatial learning deficits and oxidative stress.
SEA886Hu Elevated levels of PPAR-gamma in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with multiple sclerosis
CEA597Ge Iodinated contrast media can induce long-lasting oxidative stress in hemodialysis patients.
SEP549Hu Sfrp5 correlates with insulin resistance and oxidative stress
CEA830Ra Protective role of Hibiscus sabdariffa calyx extract against streptozotocin induced sperm damage in diabetic rats
SEA108Ra The effects of chronic zoledronate usage on the jaw and long bones evaluated using RANKL and osteoprotegerin levels in an animal model