Premiums products and value-added services IV


Last time we had generally introduced about our company's various value added services, it was believed that you had a certain understanding on our company's services. So, today I will continue introducing three value added services, including buffer, activation reagent and single-component reagents.

The first one is buffer .

When adding a certain amount of acid and alkali into some solution, it has influence in blocking the changes of solution, which is called buffer action, and that solution called buffer solution. The mixed solution of weak acid and its salt ( like HAc and NaAc ), the mixed solution of weak alkali and its salt ( like NH3·H2O and NH4Cl ), both are buffer. This product will offer stable ionic environment and pH buffering capacity. It’s most frequently used in biological experiments. The pH buffer system plays an important role in keeping normal pH value and physiological environment for organism. It is mainly used in Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western Blott (WB), Immunofluorescence (IF), etc. It’s stable and widely used. The product is in powder, which is easy for use.

Although the buffer is only a small material category system, but because of the kinds of chemicals what compose the buffer is different, the buffer's working principle also will be very different. In other words, different types of buffer solution in its nature and application conditions may be different. So, Cloud-Clone provides the following four different components of buffer for your choose.

Buffer 1 PBS Buffer (powder) (0.01M, pH7.2-7.6)KH2PO4, KCl, Na2HPO4, etc.
Buffer 2TRIS Buffer (powder) (0.01M, pH7.2-7.6)Tris-HCl, NaCl, etc.
Buffer 3TPS Buffer (powder) (0.01M, pH7.2-7.6) KCl, NaCl, Tris-HCl, etc.
Buffer 4TBST Buffer (powder) (0.01M, pH7.2-7.6)Tris-HCl, TW-20, etc. 

The next one is activation reagent;

TGF-βs are secreted by several type of cells. All three TGF-βs are synthesized as disulfide-linked homodimers containing a propeptide region. After being synthesized, the TGF-β homodimer interacts with a Latency Associated Peptide (LAP, an N-terminal signal peptide of 20-30 amino acids derived from the TGF beta gene product), forming a complex called Small Latent Complex (SLC). This complex remains in the cell until it is bound by another protein called Latent TGF-β-Binding Protein (LTBP), forming a larger complex called Large Latent Complex (LLC). It is LLC which is secreted to the extracellular matrix (ECM). That is to say, most TGF-β is secreted as a latent form(LLC) in biological samples. In vitro, inactive TGF-β can be activated by the action of an acid. In vivo, the acid environment exists in the vicinity of the fracture or the wound that is healing. The splitting action of protein itself can make the TGF-β complex become activated TGF-β. Generally active tissue in the cell differentiation often contain high levels of TGF-β, such as osteoblasts, kidney, bone marrow and fetal liver hematopoietic cells. TGF-β1 is highest in human platelet and mammalian bones; TGF-β2 had the highest content in porcine platelets and mammalian bone; TGF-β3 is the origin of mesenchymal cells. The sample needs to be further processed in order to release TGF-β from LLC. After activation, the TGF-β level in samples can be accurately measured since the antibodies in the ELISA kits for TGF-βs is specifically against to the free TGF-β. After activating, T cells or B cells have an obvious improvement in producing TGF-β than static cells. TGF-β mRNA can almost be detected in all the tumor cells, and neurogliocytoma can secrete a high level of TGF-β in vivo.

It’s applicable for TGF-β release from serum/plasma/cell culture supernates samples, et al.. After activation, the TGF-β level in samples can be accurately measured since the antibodies in the ELISA kits for TGF-βs is specifically against to the free TGF-β.

The last one is single-component reagents.

Single component reagent, as the name suggests, is a retail of one or several kinds reagents from ELISE kit. If there are absences of one or more reagents in the kit because of some reason, but it's too wasteful to order a complete kit, then you can select buying single component reagents. In this way, you can both save money and avoid the waste of reagents.

Today's introduction temporarily comes to an end, and the next time I will continue to introduce you the company's other value added services, please look forward to!

Cloud-Clone Corp. in Wuhan, sincerely at your service!

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