Zinc Finger And BTB Domain Containing Protein 16 (ZBTB16)

PLZF; ZNF145; Zinc Finger Protein 145; Kruppel-Like,Expressed In Promyelocytic Leukemia; Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein

Zinc Finger And BTB Domain Containing Protein 16 (ZBTB16)
ZBTB16is a member of the Krueppel C2H2-type zinc-finger protein family and encodes a zinc finger transcription factor that contains nine Kruppel-type zinc finger domains at the carboxyl terminus. This protein is located in the nucleus, is involved in cell cycle progression, and interacts with a histone deacetylase. Specific instances of aberrant gene rearrangement at this locus have been associated with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) and physiological roles have been identified in mouse Natural Killer T cells and gamma-delta T cells. Alternate transcriptional splice variants have been characterized in human. Within the hematopoietic system, PLZF is expressed in bone marrow, early myeloid cell lines and peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Also expressed in the ovary, and at lower levels, in the kidney and lung.

Organism species: Homo sapiens (Human)

Organism species: Mus musculus (Mouse)

Organism species: Rattus norvegicus (Rat)