Cell Proliferation / Toxicity Assay Service

Instruction manual


First Edition (Revised on April, 2016)

MethodPrincipleApplication Advantages Disadvantages
MTTThe succinate dehydrogenase in the mitochondrial of Living cells can make the exogenous MTT revert to water insoluble formazan crystal violet and deposited in cells, cell death without this function. DMSO can dissolve formazan in the cells, using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to determine the absorbance value at the wavelength of 490nm, can reflect the number of living cells. Within a certain cell number, the amount of MTT crystallization is proportional to the number of cells.It is widely used in the detection of biological activity factors, cell proliferation assay, screening of large-scale antitumor drugs, cytotoxicity test and radiosensitivity determination of tumor, etc.

High sensitivity

and affordable price

MTT by reduction produced insoluble in water, to be dissolved to detect. This not only makes the detection of the increased workload,

but also affect the accuracy of the experimental results, and the organic solvent to dissolve the formazan is toxic.


WST-8 is a kind of compound similar to MTT.In the presence of electron coupling reagent, it can be reduced by some dehydrogenase in the mitochondria to form orange formazan.The more cells proliferate, the darker the color isthe bigger the cytotoxicity is the lighter.

For the same cell, the depth of color is linearly related to the number of cells. The absorbance value of the enzyme linked immunosorbent assay at 450nm wavelength can indirectly reflect the number of living cells.

It is widely used in the detection of some bioactive factors, large-scale screening of antitumor drugs, cell proliferation test, cytotoxicity test and drug sensitivity test, etc.

1. It is convenient to use and eliminates washing cells without radioisotope and organic solvents;

2. It can detect quickly;

3. The sensitivity is high, and even can determine the lower cell density;

4. Repeatability is better than MTT method;

5. Little cytotoxicity;

6. The detection reagent is 1 bottles of solution, without prefabrication, open and use

1. The price is more expensive. 

2. CCK-8's reagent color is light red, and red color close to medium containing phenol red. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to leak or add more.